Italian Exhibition Group S.p.A. (hereinafter also referred to as “IEG”) has adopted the following General Regulations for Visitors in order to regulate the rules of behaviour of Visitors behaviour for visitors who intend to access the Company’s Trade Fair Centre in Vicenza, by:
• registering at the appropriate desk located at the entrances of IEG
• pre-registering online through IEG’s websites.
These rules are addressed to all the Visitors participating in the Fairs and/or Events organized or hosted by IEG.
By signing this document, the Visitor undertakes to comply with all the rules contained herein.

Sale of products Inside the Vicenza Trade Fair Centre.
Sales of products inside the Vicenza Trade Fair Centre are strictly prohibited. In case of breach of this rule, IEG shall
have the right to request the intervention of the police authorities, who will take all the necessary measures against the violator. IEG shall have the right to ask the Visitor to return the entrance ticket issued for free movement within the  Vicenza Trade Fair Centre.

It is forbidden to distribute and/or disseminate promotional and advertising materials inside the Vicenza Trade Fair Centre. Visitors caught carrying out such activities shall be required to return immediately the entrance ticket issued for free movement inside the Vicenza Trade Fair Centre

Visitors are expressly prohibited from taking photos and videos inside the Vicenza Trade Fair Centre, unless they have been granted a specific authorization by the IEG General Management. The prohibition includes: photographs and videos made with any type of equipment (smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, cameras, etc.), as well as drawings or audio recordings. In the event of such breach, IEG reserves the right to protect its copyrights and other related rights in all competent jurisdictions.
Visitors are also informed that IEG, personally or through specifically designated professionals, will acquire photographic images and/or video recordings to cover the event on its website, its editorial products, and any other paper and electronic media. If you do not wish to be photographed and/or filmed, please notify the attendant wearing the appropriate badge.

Smoking is strictly prohibited throughout the Vicenza Trade Fair Centre.
Any breach of this rule shall be punished, in accordance with Article 51, Law 3/2003, published in the Official Journal of 10 January 2005, with an administrative fine of no less than € 27.50 and no more than € 275.00. Please note that, in compliance with the above-referenced law, said fine is doubled if the violation is committed in the presence of a pregnant woman, infants or children up to 12 years.
Special smoking areas have been set up inside the Vicenza Trade Fair Centre.

It is forbidden to bring dogs or any kind of animal to the Vicenza Trade Fair Centre, with the exception of guide dogs.

•    At the time of registration, all visitors must provide truthful information about their identity and business. In case of false representations, the person concerned shall be liable to be prosecuted as prescribed by law.
•    The entrance ticket is valid for a single day.  It is not allowed to leave the Vicenza Trade Fair Centre temporarily and return on the same day without purchasing an additional ticket.
•    The entrance ticket stamped at the turnstiles may not under any circumstances be refunded (article 74, Presidential Decree no. 633/1972). The ticket must be saved and shown in case of checks whenever requested by the staff, until the Visitor permanently leaves the Vicenza Trade Fair Centre.
•    To qualify for reduced rates, the listed categories of Visitors must show an identity document or a document demonstrating their business activity, issued by the competent authority and currently valid.
•    Because of the particular type of Event, dogs accompanied by their owners or keepers are allowed, provided they are kept on leash and muzzle and subject to compliance with all applicable regulations.

IEG shall not accept any liability with regard to:
• Personal injuries or damage to property, inside the Vicenza Trade Fair Centre, unless the damage is caused by acts attributable solely to IEG.
• False and/or misleading information disseminated through promotional or advertising materials distributed by third parties not authorised by the IEG General Management.
IEG reserves the right to cancel and/or reschedule any of its planned Shows and/or Event.
In case of cancellation and/or rescheduling of a Show or Event, IEG shall decide at its sole discretion whether to refund the entrance tickets already purchased by the Visitor.
Ticket refunds, if any, shall take place according to procedures and time frames to be determined by IEG.
These General Regulations for Visitors have been laid down in accordance with the national legislation, which should be used as reference to interpret the rules contained herein.
IEG reserves the right to amend the General Regulations for Visitors at any time.